Rock Climbing – Engage Away Day

In May 2019, we enjoyed a Team Engage Away Day to Oakwood Climbing Centre in Wokingham. When we arrived we were keen to get kitted up in our safety harnesses and start our first activity of rock climbing. To start with, we completed the learner walls, as we climbed up and then safely were distributed back to ground with the harnesses. The best part of this was that we had to trust a team member on the ground to lower us.

Once we’d finished the learner walls we were all feeling confident that we could tackle the next challenge. To make it fair, we broke off into two teams based on confidence. We then took on the smaller walls where you didn’t need to use harnesses! Soon after we’d started these, we all realised that they were definitely harder than they looked! Nonetheless, we all made it to the top of most of the walls, which was a great feeling.

We then moved onto the crate building challenge outside. We were separated into teams of two to see which team could build the most crates. I’m delighted to say that the girls won this challenge, but we couldn’t have done it without the help from the boys cheering us on below. What great team spirit!

After this, we took on Mountain boarding. This was the hardest challenge yet, but was definitely worth the struggle. First of all we learnt the art of the activity and then we took on the Oakwood hill and learnt how to turn and stop (without falling!). As you can imagine, this provided us with a lot of laughs.

As most of our team days out end, we headed back to Weybridge for dinner at Prezzo and then enjoyed a night out at the Hand and Spear.

Jamie Ross, Delegate Sales says

“Our rock climbing away day was fantastic and no surprise that it was chosen by our MD Nick as he was the rock climbing equivalent of Tony Hawk when skating. We were lucky to have some fantastic weather and accompanied the climbing with some mountain boarding and crate stacking (not from empty beers – that was later) which brought out the competitive edge in us all. Top, top day”.