We are in the enviable position of successfully attracting many C-level, Heads and Senior Director professionals responsible for strategic planning and implementation to our events and media activities.

Historically these have been mainly London venue-based and in more recent times have at times incorporated a virtual streaming element, which has given us the ability to diversify our case study content while also removing the geographical challenges around attracting new audiences and increasing the reach of each event.

2020 saw the launch of the ‘Live Newsroom Studio’ format, enabling us to effectively and efficiently run a pure virtual format. Based on the success and demand for this format, a number of our events remain online or have moved at times to a ‘hybrid’ model, providing the benefits of virtual as well as the much loved and missed ‘in person’ element.


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Live Events

Over the past decade we have organised an extensive series of hugely successful and industry-leading face to face live events including Conferences, Directors Forums, Leadership Roundtable Focus Groups including our flagship ‘must attend’ annual Customer Engagement Summit, now in its ninth year.

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Industry Awards

The International Engage Awards continue to shine a light on organisational excellence and recognise individuals who have accomplished significant achievements within the fast-evolving customer and employee engagement market.

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Digital Media

Our dynamic news-driven industry-recognised websites publish weekly newsletter alerts, ground breaking webinars, podcasts, research, surveys and more – collectively reaching over 250,000 professionals every month.

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Our case study content driven platforms have a laser focus on success-led stories, proudly working with world-class brands such as Amazon, Barclays, BBC, Google, John Lewis, Mercedes, M&S, Netflix, NHS, Sky, Samsung, Vogue, WWF, and Virgin to name a few.

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Business Information

We continuously invest in our products and platforms, we strive to provide high quality data driven industry information and research, we are continuously looking at ways to deliver value to our customers and insight to these fast moving industries.

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Marketing Solutions

We are constantly driven to assist in helping to connect industry professionals and create conversation with new prospects, our market-leading first-party data provides access to high quality audiences and effective lead generations solutions.


If you want to enquire about any of our events or require further information for sponsorship and advertising please don’t hesitate to get in touch.