Go Ape – Away Days

In November 2018, we enjoyed an Engage Away Day to Go Ape to celebrate the success of the Customer Engagement Summit. We arrived early morning at the office in Weybridge and from there we got taxis to Go Ape in Cockfosters. We were nervous, excited and anticipating what was to come. We’d researched a lot about Go Ape, and we were excited to find out what challenge we would be taking part in.

Once we arrived, we got dressed into our outfits, which were full of clips and straps, something that was both reassuring and nerve racking. We put our helmets on and made our way to the training course. We then went to the main course, the treetop challenge- that was when the adrenaline really kicked in. Even though some of us were more nervous than others, we all took part and helped each other to get to the end! It was a great way to show how well we all work as a team.

There was a great sense of achievement as we completed the Tarzan swings, balancing on tightropes and beams from the tree tops. We finished off with a zip rope from the highest tree down to the safety of the ground. It definitely lifted our spirits and was a nice way to reward all our hard work.

After this, we headed back to Weybridge to The Swan in Walton for a well-deserved dinner and team night out, it was nice to be able to stop and chat out of the office.

Dan Moran, Sponsorship Sales said

“Go Ape was a great laugh! Whilst not your “typical” company day out, it was great to do something different, get outside and enjoy the nice weather we were so lucky to have in November. After a busy day swinging and leaping off trees, we then enjoyed a nice riverside dinner followed by some well-deserved drinks”.