Clipper – Away Days

In August 2017, we went for a whole boat charter experience on Boat 60 with Blue Box Sailing. It was glorious sunshine all day, which made it that bit better! Our team were anticipating what to expect as well all hopped into taxis at 8am from our office in Weybridge and made our way down to Southampton Solent. We were equipped with a change of clothes as we knew we were likely to get wet!

As soon as we arrived, we boarded the boat and were given a full safety brief. This was necessary as we were going to be taking full control of the clipper – luckily, we were ready to work! We were each assigned a role on the boat, from adjusting the height of the sail, to steering, to pulling the ropes in order to change direction. It really was great fun from start to finish!

After a thrilling experience, as we dipped low towards the water at full speed, changing direction, we had a prepared lunch of sandwiches, crisps and some much needed coffee. Unfortunately, some members of the team suffered with sea sickness, with one member having to be held over the edge of the boat, when a ginger biscuit didn’t quite cure him!

After a great trip, we safely made our way back to the harbour, got changed and headed by water taxi to a nice nearby pub on the water to enjoy dinner and drinks. We had a great view of the sunset, which made the perfect end to a great trip.