Sky Diving – Away Days

In July 2021, we had the pleasure of Sky Diving as one of our away days. To say the sky is the limit regarding what we can do as an away day is no lie! We had Taxis pick us up from the office to take us to Salisbury, Go Sky Dive was the company we jumped with and must say a professional company and as it was a first time for all of us, they were brilliant. Some of us were more nervous than others but pleased to report we all jumped and landed safely!

Its not every day you get to fly in such a small plane, especially with the back door left open, we booked the highest of the three options, so the plane took almost 15 minutes to climb to the agreed 15,000ft. At that height cars seemed liked ants on the ground, it was honestly quite terrifying to think we had to now jump out to make it back to the ground.

Once you had overcome the initial feeling of being scared the instructor attached to your back (luckily!) gently encouraged you to the edge of the exit and then the immediate feeling of not so much falling but more flying, an experience I have never felt and took your breath away, incredible to say the least. What an experience and something I am so pleased to have done.

After the jump we had lunch booked at a local pub, it was a lovely July afternoon with a table in the sun, perfect to share experiences and wash the lunch down with a cold drink. A day I’d never forget, and a memory made for life, brilliant!!